Badnee is a Weenee that always attempts at being evil but fails to do so. He is the counterpart of B
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adgee but unlike Badgee, he has never murdered anyone. He has tried to exterminate the Fakegees but always end up losing because of his stupidity. He is extremely determined to end all Weegee life no matter what and always tries to create inventions that will defeat them. His best invention has to be Biaton but Biaton liked the Weegees and was thrown out. He is sworn enemies with Weegee although Weegee doesn't care. He is a failure at being evil but still attempts to be evil and harm any Weegees for no reason. He has said that he has a creation that would destroy all the Weegees but he has never showed it to anyone. He is rumored to be working on that creation with Mr. Weenee.