"Carlito" is the anonymous editor for Flamingo. He is also known as the editor for Green Screen Man. He adds messages saying "I'm not Carlito." and corrections to Albert's mistakes. He helped Albert with the location of the unknown Rust_010's "place of residence" by the longitude and latitude. He is most referred to when Albert uses the Green Screen Man account. Carlito is probably not his real name.

Another name based on his discord username is Speedy.

Carlito is a actually GamingSpeedy/Speedy on On Roblox he's Speedy2662 , and it's known he's Carlito by his rank on "The Flamingo Fan Club " (Albert's fan club on Roblox). 

He usually makes videos on Rocket League, Minecraft, and Roblox.

As of August 12, 2018 "Carlito" was confirmed to be Speedy in Albert's video "WE CRASH A VERY PRIVATE ROBLOX PARTY". His name was confirmed to be Adam.