There are plenty of services out there that offer another kind of alternative and that is disposable temporary email. Each service tends to offer their own kinds of inbox from 10 Minutes up to 3 Hours and some of them have options for forwarding and creating a custom address.

One of the unique features of many of these kinds of services is that once the mailbox is disposed of, when attempting to reach the email address, the server sends back a user does not exist command and they are automatically removed from that mailing list to prevent unnecessary server usage.

With privacy online becoming increasingly important and so many businesses out there using all kinds of techniques to get into your accounts, an anonymous mailer is a perfect way to avoid being signed up to all kinds of email marketing lists, learning the basics of using email and also for development testing to name just a few.

This is not entirely a new idea, anonymous mailers have been around for sometime and seem to be quite an effective tool to use online when navigating the world wide web, yet recently these sites are seeing larger surges in Traffic as people online are increasingly looking for ways not to get scammed online.

Some of the most popular Anonymous mailers in 2015 include:

Although users are able to get random email addresses, this doesn't actually mean that these services are unable to log statistics of their users, such as IP addresses and the time of visit as is required by some countries in the event someone tries to use one of these services for unlawful purposes.

The great thing is, most of these services have many things in place to protect themselves, such as using effective spam and virus scanners on their mail servers like SPAM Assasin and CLAM AV or removing attachments from emails, as a lot of email online provide links to HTML versions of the mail they are sending and use links for signing up to subscriptions and as members.

One thing is for sure, anonymous mailers will be sticking around for a long time to come.

Anti-Anonymous, Anti Disposable Email Mailer API and other sitesEdit

There are a couple of other sites out there that claim users from disposable email services are fake, but have you thought about how new your site is? Is it trustable?

If you created a website and a person wasn't sure about it's trust level, and didn't want to pass on their main email address to protect them from spam, and rogue websites out there that are data mining peoples information for more covert reasons.

A couple of these websites are:

Many of these services have blindly added all disposable email services to their list; without directly going through them all and defining which ones are not known to have exploits, or only have read and reply only services, or for the very reason to check out the services you offer or to determine after logging in whether they trust your site and want to use it, and even if they are not entirely sure about the trust level, some people just want to check something out without giving out too much personal information.

These sites suggest that disposable email service users are fake, which maybe there are some that are, but there are many concerned disposable email service operators whom go to great lengths to ensure their services are NOT exploited.

If you review the terms and conditions or disclaimer in these website, they make no claims or try to release themself from liability by telling users that their services are provided "At Their Own Risk", because in reality if they where to stand behind these claims, they could find themselves faced with a class action lawsuit.

Your business could actually lose customers by blocking them from trying out their services when they are honestly trying to protect their identity and are using their email account as a trial of your services and can easily update their information and email address to their main one, once you have built some trust.

The reality is this, when you are online, no matter which service you use, take the time to get the facts, take the time to read the terms and disclaimers to see whether webmasters stand behind the claims of the websites or their API's they create, purely for the purpose of making people paranoid of services such as these.

Blocking disposable email services by domain could impact your business in such a severely detrimental way. The better thing for you to do, is install an IP logger into your service so you are able to determine when users utilize different email addresses to get extra free trials etc, because at the end of the day a user could also use yahoo, gmail, hotmail, AOL as well (some of these offer disposable email as well and may depend on the country you are in), but I don't think business will be blocking these services any time soon, so why should you block a bunch of websites that are actually trying to help users protect their privacy online, protect them from unwanted spam and give them a way to review services without having to give up all their personal data.

That should clear things up for you.

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