Emailondeck is an instant, secure, private email on demand service.  Emailondeck partnered up with a larger domain re-seller to create the largest available pool of temp email address domains.

Each temporary email address is unique for each person, it usually expires around midnight PST.  A new email address can be created at any time.  Inboxes are not public and cannot be used by anyone other than the initiale person who received the email address.

The temporary email addresses can be use on any website or mobile app.  Especially useful when one is unsure of the website's (or app's) privacy policy and terms and conditions.  By utilizing a temp email address one's usual email address is spared of any SPAM or junk email. Also, disposable email addresses make it much more difficult for advertisers to track one's internet visits and habits.

Emailondeck provides a temporary, disposable email address as needed.

  • Free, instant access
  • Mobile friendly
  • Unlimited number of email addresses
  • Unlimited number of messages received
  • Server logs are wiped
  • High influx of new email address domains
  • Used in professional environments


Emailondeck website

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