A nice spicy meme made by Dcoter Roboniinkey

I don't have a problem if people are gay... wel


l, I think it's weird, and will never understand, no matter how hard I try, but it's not my problem, so I don't care. But when gay people purposefully act super provocative around me as if they are trying to make a point of, "look at me, I am gay and you have to accept it think it's beautiful," I don't like it.

A lot of gay people are under this subconcious delusion that only their feelings matter because they are a minority. Well guess what? How do you feel about straight sexuality? Probably feels weird and GROSS to you, doesn't it? Be truthful with yourself, drop all predisposition about "offending" people and be open; it feels g r o s s right? Well that's what a straight person feels about your lifestyle. We don't HAVE to think it's beaitiful, fuck that. I mean what do you want from us? We already fucking accept that you're gay, we let you be with your practices. Why did we let you be? Well let's see, there were shitloads of protests and the like and straights finally gave the fuck up because we wanted you to leave us alone with your sexual disorientation. And oh yes, I went there, it's a disorder. A disorder like autism, you are born that way, and you can't help it, you live with it. And so we finally realized, shit, these people are weird, but fuck it, let 'em be. WE ACCEPT THE THINGS YOU DO. But we DO NOT have to approve of them or think they are pretty! Why am I pissed off? Because I have been ridiculed, publicly embarassed, and harassed because I just can't seem to think guys with guys is okay. Maybe when I am an old man people will just look at me and shake their heads saying, "Oh, he's just a product of his time. Can't seem to get with modern values," similar to what we say about old racist people from the 40's. So be it if so. I am sick of all this virtue signalling horseshit. My new motto of life is to not give a shit, and it's starting with you.