SMG4's new YouTube Channel slogan d avatar of him is one of the main protagonists (besides Mariohimself) of the bloopers. From his debut, SMG4's character has been passionate and protective of his work; that aside, he seems to play the sane man who is often annoyed or shocked by Mario's crazy, flamboyant idiocy. But in most videos, they are friends

such as fanart from his channel's viewers and subscribers. In his videos, he often uses quotes, music, and stuff from other famous YouTubers like PewDiePie and Smosh as well as from movies, video games, memes, or TV shows. SM Edit

fHIS CHANNEL ISNT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED OR KIDS. BUT HEY YOU'RE NEVER GOING TO READ THIS. 2nd the content is well inapropriate for some and well stupid and really really uncessary for others.
3rd my jokes are sorta crazy, so you have to be mature and crazy enough to get it -_- so watch if you dare
WARNING videos may cause head trauma, diabetes, seizure and uncontrolable hate. AND ALSO HAS probably SOME content not for little children Supra Mario gucci four is Sanpei