Spam is an unsolicited e-mail or anything that is unsolicited. Spam are sent by spammers who want to advertise their products, sometimes being fake. There are lots of ways spammers spam.

E-Mail Spamming

The most common spam is in the form of an e-mail. Spammers can get their victim's e-mail address by guessing it. Some email companies like Yahoo! and GMail offers spam filtering to filter out spam and some other compaines like Hotmail even stop the e-mail from coming into their customer's e-mail Inbox or Spam folder.

How do spammers get someone's e-mail address?

They can get someone's e-mail address by guessing it, etc.


They will guess someone's e-mail address in the domain like this:
For example, if your e-mail address is:,
the spammer will guess by changing the numbers behind, e.g.
and so on till they get your e-mail address.


Some website sells info to other people even though they said that they would not share it. They will sell someone's e-mail address for high prices such as, $100 to $500 or above.


Some websites offer leads which is a directory of e-mail addresses. The spammers will register on the website as a seller and then use the e-mail addresses to send spam.

Check if an e-mail is spam

To check if an e-mail is a spam, just look at the checklist below. If an e-mail pass the checklist, then it is not spam.

  • Title - e.g. LOOK AT THIS NOW!
  • From - e.g.
  • Body - mainly graphics

and more.

Forum Spamming

Main Article: Forum spamming

Forum Spamming can come in different ways. The most common one is to make use of the Advertise forum section to advertise their products using a software.

Computer Spamming

Computer spamming comes in many different ways.


They might deploy an adware to your computer via different ways. One of them is to offer free smiley's and then the victim would download and install the so called free smiley offer. When the victim offs the computer without offing the modem, the adware would secretly install in the system. Then the adware will run on the next startup.

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