The first joe job spam was this.


Hi!  My name is Joseph "Joe" Doll.  You might have heard about
me in various computing magazines and the online/outcall services
I provide. PC COMPUTING gave me a 4 star rating
in the summer issue.  It sort of like a movie rating
with two thumbs up, one removed.  You simply access my web site, I give
you an EL CHEAPO and free web page for a while, while you save 
some money and can afford to either upgrade or just
whatever.  The paid option is for those who prefer
Cannes, France over Schenectady, NY so don't waste my time
if you can't pay later on.  In fact, I know of lots of employment
agencies I can set you up with if times are tough.
ITS THAT SIMPLE!  In fact, we are an equal
oppportunity web host and we do not discriminate
on the basis of content, age, denomination, or alternative lifestyle.  
Think of us as the retro web site. Think: Studio 54 meets Greenwich
Village meets HTML. Later on, you can even design your web page with
lots of colors with my sister? company--ADGRAFIX at

Okay, all you have to do is access my hot, uncensored site at
"" and plunge into the world of the forbidden.
Ooh, I gotta go and take care of that last one. By the way,
I'm available for "personal" consultations.  That's it.
I'll see you guys and gals later. And don't forget, if it
ain't on the page, it ain't on a Canoga Park, CA soundstage.
Au revoir!

p.s.--Discretion is requested and assured.

If you wish to be removed from my email list, Sorry,
no can do.  The net is a free for all and if you don't
like this email, simply delete it from your inbox.  



This article is translated from Az első joe job spam szövege article in Hungarian language.

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