Xrumer is the bane of many a forum admin's life, a tool from

What they sayEdit

It's a tool used to post disallowed content on private websites which is an illegal activity since laws are broad enough to govern unacceptible use of a 3rd party's computer resources. If you are not allowed to access a network, which bots aren't most of the time, then tresspassing is criminal.

What Admins sayEdit

Through the use of this tool, you will receive complaints of forum spamming and your name will be mud, however, as you probably also use email spamming, you probably don't care.

This is a forum spamming tool, with the sole purpose of posting garbage to large numbers of forums. Forum spamming is illegal when it is a violation of the terms and conditions for use of the forum.

While there may be a reason to post email to multiple recipients (a newsletter), there can be very little reason to post a message to hundreds of unrelated forums.

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